About Us

ShamshadTech founded in 2010, and is an Afghan Local Qualified Software Development Company. ShamshadTech formerly known as (Taking You Forward) aims to bridge the gap between business and information technology in emerging markets by ensuring that is offerings are customized and the applications are well adapted to the needs and realities of these markets and users requirements, which has huge experience in planning, designing, development and implementation of web based, MIS and database software applications.

Our main objective is to plan and develop your IT needs based on the International ISO quality standard. ShamshadTech not only follow the standard development methodology to assist the clients reach and achieve their objectives efficiently but also the solution and services should be at a reasonable and cost effective rate.

ShamshadTech target is not just to have a good reputation in Afghanistan’s business sector additionally to reach to the world’s business sector all inclusive. We consider your fulfillments as our primary objective in our work.